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"Design is a funny word.
Some people think design means how it looks.
But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works."

- Steve Jobs-Apple Founder


Space Planning
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Why consider updating?  Because the function and aesthetics of your dental office enhance your efficiency, care, your patient's experience and, ultimately, your success. With a well-designed office providing optimal patient care becomes smooth and enjoyable for you and the patient. Finding and retaining a quality team is easier. And, higher patient treatment acceptance increases your income by 20-40%.

Where do I start?  With our no obligation, initial consultation. Let's take an hour to meet and walk through your practice together, to discuss your ideas, concerns, and short and long-term practice goals. Through a fresh set of experienced, dental planning eyes you receive immediate feedback to help you make more educated decisions about your office and practice's potential.

What do I do next?  Signature Environments provides a wide range of services to fit all project sizes from micro-remodels to ground-up buildings. Take a moment to review the questions below and see which service best fits your needs — or call. We are here to answer your questions and help you take the first steps!

Which best describes your needs?

1. You need to do something but don't know what exactly? (click for more)

2. You know what you need and are ready to see how that could work? (click for more)

3. Outdated colors and materials but functions well? (click for more)

4. Outdated colors and materials with a few poorly functioning areas? (click for more)

5. Need major functional and aesthetic changes to your existing office? (click for more)

6. Is a new location the solution? (click for more)

7. New office location in a high rise building? (click for more)

8. Developing your own building? (click for more)

9. General design and planning consultation? (click for more)

10. Cluttered or disorganized dental office slowing down the team? (click for more)

Practices within an 80 mile radius of Seattle are eligible for the no obligation, initial Consultation. For practices beyond the radius, a deposit will be collected to cover travel time and expenses.