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Janice Thayer, Principal

A unique blend of analytical and creative thinking, Janice effortlessly combines design, space planning and project management skills to make the world both elegant and efficient.

For more than two decades, Janice has been helping dentists and other professionals make their workspace more individual, practical and profitable. From new construction to renovations, space planning to project management, she brings form and function together with spectacular results.

Janice is always looking for ways to do things "smarter and better" and enjoys bringing new ideas and perspectives to challenges. A natural team builder, she enjoys coordinating a group of like-minded consultants tailored to meet the specific needs of a client.

Armed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cornish College and a Certificate in Design Firm Leadership and Management from the University of Washington's School of Architecture, Janice's inquisitive mind is always in learning mode.

When not scaling a rock face, navigating a black diamond run or pedaling down a single-track trail, Janice can be found playing with her two rescue cats or reconfiguring her landscaping.

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Janice Thayer